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2008-09-15 - In which I return from summer exile
2008-06-18 - In which I do not claim any bastards
2008-06-13 - In which I have much corporate shenanigans and crepes
2008-06-05 - In which someone needs to flush and shut the hell up
2008-05-30 - In which my cold is speaking for me
2008-05-27 - In which I am fine, I am fine, and then I can't stand up straight
2008-05-20 - In which I have commited a very amusing act of internet infidelity
2008-05-06 - In which I experience upscale debauchery
2008-04-30 - In which I have a pity party for one
2008-04-29 - In which my prince turns back into a frog
2008-04-28 - In which I get a third date, a dress, a pic, and a song
2008-04-24 - In which there is a short review of a great first date
2008-04-23 - In which I prove myself to be just a girl
2008-04-19 - In which I find a new good luck charm
2008-04-16 - In which I take on the Eligibile Male Paradox and shy away from Game Theory
2008-04-14 - In which there is insincerity, inappropraiteness, and inquiries
2008-03-31 - In which you get two stories for the price as one
2008-03-24 - In which the parade trckles to a mere gurgle
2008-03-24 - In which a parade of men entice me with tales of tax brackets and eye contact
2008-03-18 - In which there is more pontificating on the subject of gender relations
2008-03-12 - In which I may be doing someone's woman studies homework
2008-03-07 - In which I prattle on about brownies and trolls
2008-03-04 - In which my queendom comes together
2008-03-03 - In which my hard outer shell is cracked
2008-02-23 - In which Mario Lopez ruins my dinner
2008-02-16 - In which Valentine's Day does not suck
2008-02-12 - In which My Tenants Prove Their Worth
2008-02-10 - In which it all gets paid forward
2008-02-01 - In which I dispute (or not) being the drunken phone slut of Chicago
2008-01-29 - In which I must remember to look at things from a different angle from time to time
2008-01-28 - In which there are no fatalities but there are glow-in-the dark drinks and doberman pinchers
2008-01-22 - In which pipes freeze and Hollywood comes knocking
2008-01-20 - In which I get over myself and focus on other things
2008-01-19 - In which the cold outside reaches my heart
2008-01-15 - In which sanity prevails
2008-01-14 - In which your opinion is saught
2008-01-14 - In which I am try to not become that girl
2008-01-10 - In which my house should get cleaned as I stare off into space
2008-01-07 - In which last year's model gets traded in for more torque
2007-12-27 - In which dim sum and the spirit of human kindness overflow
2007-12-06 - In which the Weenies of the World unite and take over or Vegas Part 1: The Decompression
2007-11-30 - In which snowbound flights and Kmart loom in my future
2007-11-28 - In which pointy heads and turkeys are consumed
2007-11-21 - In which You want to look away but can not
2007-11-14 - In which there are new places, meetings, and stains
2007-11-12 - In which many emergency drinking meetings are called
2007-11-09 - In which there is seasickness whilst still docked
2007-11-07 - In which I make old ladies cry
2007-11-05 - In which the cake has not been found
2007-11-01 - In which I ponder the benefits of Bread of the Dead and Mr. Snuggly
2007-10-30 - In which the BBB needs a drink drink drink
2007-10-29 - In which chivalry may be dead
2007-10-26 - In which the full moon promotes evil suburbanites and mayhem
2007-10-25 - In which there are field trips and falling ceilings
2007-10-23 - In which there is federal investigation and Playboy
2007-10-22 - In which my hips don't lie
2007-10-19 - In which my nails become a lovely peacock's eye green
2007-10-18 - In which I am a crabbyass
2007-10-17 - In which smiling, hoping and thinking geek become a challenge
2007-10-16 - In which heat becomes an issue
2007-10-15 - In which I realize that maybe the instructor gave us certain things for a reason and George Bush is no good for relationships
2007-10-12 - In which I ponder the benefits of being good and wearing jammies
2007-10-11 - In which I discover Bolly schizophrenia and penguins in my inbox
2007-10-09 - In which I ponder the zen of homelessness and DVDs
2007-10-08 - In which I rant about sports and a bygone era
2007-10-05 - In which I relive the details of Barbie's birthday
2007-10-04 - In which I introduce myself and my cast of characters


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