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4:59 p.m. - 2008-09-15
In which I return from summer exile

Welcome back, Party People…

I know it has been forever since I took the time to sit down with you and ramble about my misfortunes. Please, do know that I missed you all, but during busy season, I tend to turn into a pumpkin for several months, or my brains turn into that mushy stuff inside the pumpkin and need to be scraped out with a big spoon and are no use to anyone….

My point being, summer is over. The air has a distinct crispness to it that signals the end of my torment and the return of my ability to hold a full conversation.

I suppose I should catch you all up on some of the highlights of the past few months in a sort of what-I-did-on-my summer-vacation type post. Unfortunately for me, it is more of a I-know-what-you-did-last-summer kind of horror. And because I love them, I shall use bullet points.

• Over the summer, I have had a total of 11 leasing agents between my two offices. I may even be missing a few. However, as of right now, I am left with three. Yes, it is going to be another long winter of the Short Stop and I alone in our office. We shall either kill each other or end up married. Tootsie and the Dark Horse are left up at my other office. Tootsie is not going anywhere, and I have no clue yet how they are going to handle Dark Horse. They did fire my poor Hamster a week ago. I swear I almost cried. The good news is that he came out with us for drinkies on Friday and all is well.

• As for traveling, the furthest I got was to Madison for my cousin’s wedding. The ceremony was held in the sculpture garden of the Museum of Contemporary Art, which was beautiful even if it brought back some flashbacks of my days at the MCA. We then got to walk over to this music venue for the reception. I have to say it was a lesson to me. As much as I would love to have a wedding reception in a place like Metro or the Double Door, there is no place for dinner tables and it is not really wheelchair accessible for the grandmothers in the crowd. It is a great idea, but a better concept than reality. Plus, to top of my feeling of being the only single weirdo in the room, the one person who stayed with me the entire time was my step-cousin’s boyfriend’s daughter, who has just budded into a 15 year old emo kid. God bless her, she is adorable in all of her hot topic glory. The only other thing of note from that weekend is my new obsession with bread from the farmer’s market. They had applesauce bread, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, and zucchini chocolate nut bread. Bury me in mini-loaves and I will die happy.

• My other big discovery of the summer has been a group of online DJs that have embraced me as a fellow music connoisseur. It’s been amazing finally having new people with whom to geek out over music that the rest of the world has forgotten or never knew existed in the first place. Beyond that, they have hooked me up with all kinds of new music and new websites. I have become hooked on during work because it takes my itunes and adds suggestions based on what I already have, not to mention letting me add new things from their site all the time. I have found somewhat reliable sites for downloading, and have my friends just sending me stuff I like. The only downfall of this system is that I keep getting new songs stuck in my head, and until I figure out what song it is I become crazy vendetta girl trying to purge it from my skull. The first one was a song that mentions “roasting marshmallows on a cold dark night”. It took my friend a day to figure it out what the hell I was talking about, but now he just calls me “marshmallow” and plays the song for me nearly every set.

The ark-inducing downfall this weekend may have ruined any plans I had with Poppy and the Fourth for outdoor merriment, but it also seems to have washed away any remnants of summer. I am starting to get that fluttery feeling in my nerves that heralds the change of leaf colors and need for blankies. Consider this fair warning, because it means that I will have plenty more time on my hands.



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